A thread, a knot, passion and expertise tied together with a bow

A thread becomes a knot and the knot becomes a bow

bow is the common thread that with skilled craftsmanship
assembles our classic, timeless models with contemporary dynamism.

bow is the knot that binds the lasting style of Anglo-Saxon elegance
and the practical comfort of our versatile fit

bow is experimentation and research, the weaving of age-old fibres into textures for today’s needs

bow is the bow that turns precious yarns into luxurious, limited edition garments

bow is ageless, it engages with all generations by spinning timeless fabrics

bow is a soft hug that enfolds children, women and men within it pure and minimal lines

bow is winter, warmth, colour and past reminiscences while also representing the present

bow is summer, ultra-light cashmere woven through silk, cool merino wool blended with cotton

bow is green, sustainable and totally waste-free

bow is creativity: spool ends are used for daring, unique and one-off limited editions